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    Tianjin Normal University The Fifth International Elites’ Forum


    Tianjin Normal University The Fifth International Elites’ Forum

    A sincere invitation to talents from all over the world to join us

    An introduction to the forum

    In order to implement the spirit of National Conference on Education, develop science and technology, and promote the significant cause of education to impart knowledge and educate people, focusing on the frontiers of science and technology in the world, the main battlefield of economic construction, the major demands of our nation, and the life and health of our people, Tianjin Normal University embraces and adheres to Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government’s talent concept of “immense capacity of sea to receive thousands of rivers and great willingness of city to pool all kinds of talents”. By implementing “Haihe Talents” Action Plan, moving forward with the strategy of “Strengthening University with Talents” and the construction plan of “Double First-Class” Disciplines, Tianjin Normal University is to hold the Fifth International Elites’ Forum on 26th December, 2020. The Forum will be conducted online. Focusing on academic frontiers and research hotspots, through online symposia and seminars, it is intended to set up a platform for excellent talents at home and abroad to make academic exchanges and achievement demonstrations. It offers a good opportunity for all talented persons to learn about the development of Tianjin Normal University from multi-dimensional and comprehensive perspectives, like talent education, discipline construction, academic research and social service, and launch talks about cooperation and participation in the future. It aims to build a stage for all talents to further develop themselves and fulfil their potentials, and lay a solid foundation for the high-level development of the university by enhancing the basis and strengthening the characteristics, improving the quality and encouraging the creativity.

    Disciplinary fields

    1. Psychology

    Psychology and related areas, medical image processing, cognitive neuroscience, bioinformatics (or human genomics) and experimental psychology, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Yang  Tel: 022-23766140

    2. Political Sciences

    Political theory, comparative politics, international politics, the history and construction of the CPC, governance and public policy, etc.

    Contact Person: Ms. Hou  Tel: 022-23766329

    3. World History

    Economic and social history of Europe, French history, German history, the late medieval and early modern history of Europe, and the history of European civilization, etc.

    Contact Person: Ms. Yan  Tel: 022-23766060

    4. Marxist Theory

    Marxist theory, politics and philosophy, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Wu  Tel: 022-23766131

    5. Education

    Fundamental principles of education, curriculum and teaching theory, preschool education, and comparative education, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Wang  Tel: 022-23766040

    6. Chinese Language and Literature

    Comparative and world literature, linguistics and applied linguistics (including experimental phonetics), etc.

    Contact Person: Ms. Wu  Tel: 022-23766062

    7. Chemistry

    Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical biology, etc.

    Contact Person: Ms. Wei  Tel: 022-23766515

    8. Physics

    Physics and related areas, materials science and engineering (including energy-related studies), and astrophysics, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Liu  Tel: 022-23768782

    9. Geography

    Geography and related areas, earth sciences and environmental sciences, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Chen  Tel: 022-23766028

    10. Biology

    Cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, zoology, hydrobiology and ecology, etc.

    Contact Person: Mr. Sun  Tel: 022-23766541

    11. Other disciplines

    Journalism and communication, foreign languages and literature, Chinese history, law, mathematics, library and archives management, theoretical economics, information and telecommunication engineering, and cross-disciplinary subjects related to the above.

    Contact Person: Mr. Wang  Tel: 022-23766267  Ms. Ge Tel: 022-23766263

    Application requirements

    Applicants should:

    1. have both ability and moral integrity, rigorous academic spirit, and compliance with law and code of professional ethics;

    2. be PhD degree holders; below the age of 45 (or 40 for science and engineering disciplines); excellent talents (age limit can be relaxed);

    3. have outstanding academic achievements, profound academic insight, strong sense of innovation and great team-work competence;

    4. be willing to become a full-time staff member of Tianjin Normal University or conduct research project in collaboration with Tianjin Normal University.

    Forum program

    Deadline of application: 10th December, 2020

    Deadline of invitation: 15th December, 2020


    26th December  

    Morning: opening ceremony

    Afternoon: seminars, symposia, applicants’ question and answer session

    Application procedure

    Qualified applicants please scan the QR code or open the link below, fill in relevant information and upload required materials. The deadline of application is 10th December, 2020.

    Contact information:

    Mr. Wang (Personnel Office) Tel: 022-23766267        

    Ms. Ge (Personnel Office) Tel: 022-23766263

    Organizing Group of Tianjin Normal University International Elites’ Forum    

    E-mail: gigdlt@tjnu.edu.cn

    Link: https://www.wjx.top/jq/93355907.aspx

    Introduction to TNU

    Tianjin Normal University (TNU), with a century-old history of teachers’ education, is a municipal key university and the only teachers’ university targeted at training high-quality teachers for the basic education in Tianjin. Based on the teachers’ education in some relevant institutions, Tianjin Teachers’ College was founded in 1958 and renamed Tianjin Normal University in 1982. In 1999, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Junior College of Teacher Education and Tianjin Institute of Education merged into the existing university. Since the founding of the university, TNU adheres strictly to the socialist orientation in running college, and perseveres in carrying out the fundamental task of moral education. Bearing in mind the goal of training “Four Haves” teachers (with a firm ideal and faith, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and a heart of benevolence) and the mission of “cultivating talent for the Party and the State”, the university persists in promoting love and commitment to the cause of education and cultivating “seed” teachers for different schools. With the principle of carrying forward the high-quality education of teachers, TNU devotes to consolidating the foundation, enriching the spirit and improving teachers’ ethics, and produces a great number of high-quality teachers for the basic education in Tianjin and other provinces. Some of the excellent alumni and alumnae already become the backbones of different fields in national construction. The quality and reputation of our university in education has been steadily improved and widely acknowledged.

    Tianjin Normal University covers an area of 2, 333,000 square meters, with natural lake and wetland of 514,000 square meters and a built area of 860,000 square meters. It stands out with complete and advanced teaching facilities, rich accumulation of humanistic spirit, beautiful and pleasant environment, and unique style of eco-campus.

    At present, Tianjin Normal University has 72 majors for undergraduate, 8 primary disciplines which confer doctoral degrees, 1 doctoral degree program in education, 33 primary disciplines which confer master degrees, 16 master degree programs, covering nine disciplines such as Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management and Art. Currently, the university has 29,977 full-time students (including undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctorate students), 2,401 international students and 2,402 staff members. According to the Assessments of CDGDC (China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center), the university’s 4 disciplines ? Psychology, Politics, World History, and Marxist Theory ? and Specialized Academic Degree for the Master of Education have been ranked as B+. Besides, the university has 6 programs with distinctive features at the national level (graded by the Ministry of Education), 16 programs of Tianjin brand specialty construction, 5 programs of specialty construction related with Tianjin strategic new industry, 8 programs of Tianjin dominant and distinctive specialty construction and 12 programs of Tianjin application-oriented specialty construction.

    Tianjin Normal University is home to several Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education: Academy of Psychology and Behavior Studies, National Demonstration Centre of Journalism and Communication Education, National Experimental Centre of Teachers’ Development and Co-Innovation, National Experimental Demonstration Centre of Teacher Education (undertaking the “National Teacher Training Program” and the “Outstanding Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training Program”); 3 provincial-level Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences, 7 provincial-level Engineering Centers, International Joint Research Centers and Key Laboratories, and 7 post-doctoral programs. The university has accomplished the construction of 9 national-level top-quality resource sharing courses and 25 provincial-level excellent courses, and been selected and authorized to construct 6 provincial-level excellent courses with incorporation of political education, and building 21 provincial-level courses of first-class undergraduate education. TNU has assembled 1 national teaching team, 13 provincial teaching teams and 2 innovative teaching teams of 12th Five-Year Plan comprehensive investment projects. Eleven majors–Applied Psychology, Politics and Public Administration, World History,  Ideological and Political Education, Educational Technology, Primary Education, Chinese Language & Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Geography, Law,Journalism–have been selected and authorized to start national first-class major construction; Three majors–Physical Education,Electronic Information Science and Technology,Fashion Design–have won the authorization of provincial first-class major construction.

    Tianjin Normal University always place great importance on the construction of new think tanks and actively provide counselling service for the Party and Government to make scientific decisions. Six think tanks of Tianjin Normal University –Research Centre of State Governance, Research Centre for Regional Development Strategy and Reform, Emergency Management Research Centre, Research Institute for Free Economic Zone, Research Centre for Decision Making Service in Basic Education, Public Sector Information Service, Evaluation and Management Centre–have successfully entered the list of CTTI (Chinese Think Tank Index).  

    The teachers and students of TNU live up to the university motto of “vigor and rigor, self-perfection and talent-cultivation”, develop the academic atmosphere of “equal stress on learning and thinking, strong unity of knowing and doing”, and uphold the university spirit of “being honest, trustworthy and responsible”. We persist with the strategy of “making the university known for characteristics, prosperous by quality, powerful with talents and creative through innovations”. We do our utmost to establish first-class “teaching quality, research capacity, talent superiority, discipline competency and management efficiency”, and unite all efforts to develop our university into a high-level normal university with distinctive features and worldwide reputations.

    Therefore, we warmly welcome you to join us and allow us to help you reach your full potential!


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